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We confidently offer all aspects of hard landscaping but often the real challenge of a project is coming up with the best possible garden layout/uses of the available outdoor space, without over complicating the garden and exceeding the budget, as well as overcoming access and space issues during the work. Since day one, almost every project we have completed has developed our expertise in overcoming such challenges, to make sure that our customers outdoor space reaches it’s full potential.
To date, we have completed projects such as building a large gravel terrace with substantial retaining walls above and below, half way up a 35 degree slope in Lyncombe Vale, Bath. On this occasion, the only access was from lengthy flights of steps above and below. A very challenging project indeed but the resulting terrace opened up a corner of an otherwise inaccessible garden, allowing it to be used for socialising and enjoying picturesque views across Lyncombe Vale to Perrymede and Ralph Allen.
Hard landscaping done well, often requires weeks of labour and large volumes of materials. So, in order to prevent these two costs spiralling, it is vital firstly to plan each stage of the project in the most efficient order, so that nothing needs to be moved or completed twice. Secondly, you must understand what materials are most fit for purpose or can be repurposed, therefore escaping the need to order in and move materials not already on site. We carry out the planning whilst drafting the estimate for the work because the former ensures that the latter includes an accurate time frame and therefore labour costs too and wherever possible, we mitigate excessive material costs by repurposing materials already on site, found in the old structures to be dismantled or moved.
Generally speaking, we will visit you to discuss the work and measure the site before drafting an estimate, should you want the peace of mind of a fixed price project. However, experience has taught us that particularly large and/or neglected gardens often benefit from a flexible approach, based on an approximate time frame and comptetive day rate rather than a fixed price. We have often found that the best strategy and solutions only crystallise, as we become more familiar with the site we are working on and we also develop a working partnership with the customer. We invoice weekly for work carried out on this basis, based on an accurate record of hours on site and materials and other costs, such as large machinery hire and fuel etc.

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