Company founder and director Miles didn't start life with aspirations to spend fifteen years being a full time gardener but a badly planned gap year in Australia led to a chance encounter with a rough diamond Paul who did just that, year round, in Sydney. Under Paul's blunt tutelage, Miles began his gardening career in the baking Australian heat and humidity, doing nothing bar mowing lawns for up to twelve hours a day. Thankfully, he did eventually escape the Sydney suburbs, travelling north up the east coast of the country and then home to Bath, where he had an easier time cycling around the city and tidying pensioners gardens, in between frequent cups of tea. Having later studied the best RHS guidelines on all types of plant care and served as many as forty regular customers annually, there is now a wealth of experience and knowledge in the company.
We have the necessary man power, vehicles, equipment and experience to address even the biggest garden challenges, whether you require regular maintenance or more drastic one-off interventions and irrespective of the size or location of your garden. This includes annual fruit tree pruning and more drastic surgery on medium sized trees, if required.
We have served several letting agencies and property developers in the Bath area to date and we are more than capable of clearing and restoring neglected gardens. We can also implement low maintenance improvements such as clearing borders, pruning and replanting plants that are worth saving, as well as introducing new, more suitable plants where required. If requested, we can spread weed proof membrane and cover it with attractive gravel or bark. Alternatively, we can ward off future weeds by planting vigorous ground covering plants.
Passion for plants and nature are at the heart of everything we do. We will be happy to make recommendations or even design new planting schemes, aimed at enhancing you or your tenant’s enjoyment of the garden and drawing insects and birds into it. The cost of such a planting scheme will depend on the scale of the project but we will be happy to arrange a free visit to discuss it with you first. Prices start from £30 + VAT.