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The team at Webster Gardening Limited take great pride in novel design, accurate estimates and expert construction of your new outside space. We are happy to pay you a free visit to discuss straightforward changes to an area of your garden and estimates for work of this scale are also usually free of charge. If you feel that one or more annotated, scale drawings of the changes discussed would be helpful, say for comparing design options or getting faster comparison quotes then prices start at £30 + VAT (hourly rate for scale drawings). The final price will depend on the number of hours the drawing(s) takes to complete but they are unlikely to exceed £90 + VAT.

Should you require a more drastic intervention, such as a complete redesign of large garden or perhaps a lot of creative detail in your design, as well as a detailed estimate for the labour and materials required for the proposed work, then the initial no-strings-attached consultation will cost between £30 and £90 + VAT, depending on travel time and time on site. The design & estimate process can be time consuming and involve return visits to carefully assess and measure your garden, as well as further discussions with you about the final details of the design. We may also have to consult with our suppliers about costs and availability of your desired range of materials, ornaments and plants.

Upon completion of the design & estimate process, we will discuss your preferred date for work to begin and endeavour to honour this as closely as possible, being careful to fully complete any previous projects before work on your garden begins. Since all such work takes place outdoors, there are sometimes delays due to prolonged spells of bad weather or other causes such as supply regarding materials and larger machinery, which we sometimes need to hire.

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